Aug 28, 2010

Serie A 2010-11: A Peak at the First Weekend!

By Bluenine

Serie A finally starts this weekend, and as I write this blog, the first game is already underway! Must say, I didn't realise how much I missed my weekly dose of Calcio... its a serious addiction! Waiting to watch my first game of this Serie A season (Roma-Cesena in 2 hrs time) now feels like waiting in line in the loo to take a leak... like for 3 months..............

............Serie AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! ;)

This weekend's fixtures:
Bari - Juventus
Bologna - Inter
Chievo - Catania
Fiorentina - Napoli
Milan - Lecce
Palermo - Cagliari
Parma - Brescia
Roma - Cesena
Sampdoria - Lazio
Udinese - Genoa

ESPN in UK are showing 3 games live : Roma-Cesena tonight, Fiorentina-Napoli tomorrow night, and Bologna-Inter on monday eve!! I am quite sure I will be watching all three... and by monday night, probably sleeping on the couch... for it will take my wife some time to adjust to football starting again ;)

My pick of the week is Fiorentina-Napoli, though Sampdoria-Lazio is another tasty encounter. The 3 promoted teams are being immediately pushed into the deep end, facing Roma, Milan and Parma this weekend... homecoming is not always easy.

At the mo, its Udinese 0-0 Genoa at HT of the first game of the season! And so it begins.......... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, i cannot wait!