Jul 31, 2010

Fantasistitis, an Italian Disease....

By Gautam Sharma

There was a time when the Fantasista was the most celebrated player in Italian football... the protagonists, these were the real Gods in Italy, the ones who provided fantasy to the game.... a spark of colour in a sea of black & white, or the artists midst the atheletes... Rivera, Mazzola, Baggio, etc - the history of Italian football is not complete without reviewing its legendary "Fantasista". Sadly, not only are the fantasista disappearing from the modern Italian game, its now more like a disease which is destroying the most talented crop of Italian football talent.... a disease called Fantasistitis...

Jul 27, 2010

INTERested in Change?

By Gautam Sharma

Our beloved Internazionale are about to make some bigs moves in the market... it will be interesting to see who they go after! Lets take a look at the key targets, and analyse what the new Inter may look like in 2010-11...

Jul 18, 2010

ReJUVEnated, again!!

By Gautam Sharma

Is there any particular direction to the startegy of this new Juve? Or are they rebuilding for disaster yet again, like last summer? After some consideration, it looks like there may be some method to the madness this time... but something is still missing....

Jul 15, 2010

CalcioMercato Watch!

By Bluenine

Latest News: Cavani to Napoli, Arevalo Rios joins Cagliari, Boruc to Viola, Eduardo joins Genoa, Glik joins Palermo, Bresciano joins Lazio, Curci joins Doria, Motta joins Juve, Kjaer joins Wolfsburg

The Calcio Mercato Tracker for key transfer deals at top Italian clubs: Likely moves in BLUE below....

Yugolavia - Musings from a Parallel Universe!

By Bluenine

Imagine if Yugoslavia were still in existence, and had sent a squad for this World Cup.... a combined team of Croatia + Serbia + Slovenia + Montenegro + Macedonia + Bosnia & Herzegovina! Now that would ve been some squad, maybe it could ve looked something like this:

An Italian Revolution - the Prandelli Era

By Gautam Sharma

The Vuvuzela, the Jabulani, and the darn Octopus... that kinda sums up the World Cup for us Azzurri fans. But the wretched cephalopod is not completely to blame for this misery, the pathetic excuse of the game displayed by Lippi and his lads did not exactly light up this World Cup for us... now as the sounds of the vuvuzela's start fading away like a distant nightmare, key question arises... where to from here, o beloved Azzurri?