Jul 27, 2010

INTERested in Change?

By Gautam Sharma

Our beloved Internazionale are about to make some bigs moves in the market... it will be interesting to see who they go after! Lets take a look at the key targets, and analyse what the new Inter may look like in 2010-11...

Summer so far - sell, sell, sell...

So far, Inter have managed to build up their transfer kitty, mainly from the sales of Quaresma, Mourinho, Balotelli, Jimenez, Daminuta, Fossati, & Filkor. From my estimates, Inter earned about Eur 56m from these transfers, as well as reduced their annual wage bill by Eur 12-15m. Next Maicon may fetch another 30m. And Inter may get some money for the possible sales of Burdisso, Suazo, Rivas, Mancini, & Obinna, if there are any takers or make wage saves if some loan deals are struck.... Assuming Maicon & a few others mentioned above are sold, Inter will have close to Eur 100m to spend.

So far the only major spend has been the 7.5m on half of Ranocchia, who is an excellent buy for the future. And a few million on acquiring full ownership of Biabiany & Mariga. So lets say about 10-12m. The question is where will the rest 90m be spend?

Key Market Rumours....

The expected focus is on the following positions/players:

DM: Mascherano/Schweinstieger: Rafa has asked for Masch, but Moratti/Branca seem more inclined on Schweini... this is going to be the big move, as Masch will cost about 25m, while Schweini may cost 10m more. Somehow I have a feeling Inter are more likely to go after a difficult/hostile Schweini acquisition, rather than Masch. Or at least thats what I want Inter to do... Schweini could be our new Matthaus!! And he can also play on the wing....

Winger/Striker: Forlan/Sanchez/Vargas/Rossi/Kuyt/Honda/Tevez: I am guessing its most likely going to be Forlan, he is class and will come for as cheap as 15m. Kuyt is another possibility, being Rafa's favourite... personally, I think we need a winger more than a striker. My personal choice would be Vargas, but it is unlikely.

Fullback: Evra/G Johnson/Bale: This is only necessary if we sell Maicon. Evra is unlikely, just a rumour. I am a bit surprised that Inter let Kolarov get away.... perhaps Real and their dilly-dallying is going to cost us. Glen Johnson looks the most likely candidate, and will not be that bad an acquisition - he can compete with Santon for the RB spot. Not sure how much he will cost, perhaps Inter will get a discount on the fee Liverpool paid for him... so about 15m is my guess.

There are also some rumours linking Inter to midfielders, but IMO thats unlikely if Inter spend heavily on a DM.... but Pienaar and Jenas have been mentioned, as has been Gerrard.

So where does that leave us?

So assuming our summer's works looks like this: (those in blue are yet to happen)
IN: Schweinstieger, Forlan, Glen Johnson, Coutinho, Castellazzi.
OUT: Toldo, Arnautovic, Balotelli, Quaresma, Maicon, Burdisso, Suazo, Rivas, Mancini, Obinna

Inter squad 2010-11 will look like this:

GKs: Cesar, Castellazzi, Orlandoni
Defenders: Lucio, Samuel, Matrix, Cordoba, Chivu, Zanetti, Santon, Glen Johnson
Midfielders: Cambiasso, Schweinstieger, Sneijder, Stankovic, Mariga, Motta, Coutinho, Muntari, Krhin
Strikers: Milito, Eto'o, Forlan, Pandev, Biabiany

Lets apply the "Two Team Test" on this expected squad:

First XI:

Johnson - Samuel - Lucio - Zanetti
Cambiasso - Schweinstieger
Eto'o - Milito - Pandev

Second XI:

Santon - Cordoba - Matrix - Chivu
Stankovic - Motta - Muntari/Mariga
Forlan - Biabiany

IMO Inter looks a bit too heavy on Defensive Midfielders, and tad light on creative midfielders or wingers. Perhaps Inter should also sign Vargas/Pienaar/Krasic and let Muntari go.... apart from that, this squad looks awesome for 2010-11. Its not a young squad, and Inter will have to keep investing in the future... but I am all for making the best of the present, the future has a way of sorting itself out! Benitez may not have a great track record in transfers at Liverpool, but Branca does. I trust Branca's acumen in transfers, Inter are in good hands...

For now, the European Champions and Treble Winners look good to defend their silverware...


Si said...

I would love to see a midfield trio of Cambiasso, Schweinsteiger and Sneijder. Forlna would be great but could you realistically have him, Milito and Eto'o in the same 1st eleven (I know you haven't put this but it would seem ridiculous to bench any one of these 3).

Looks like we are getting rid of deadwood, and it's great to see us finally investing properly in young Italian talent such as Ranocchia.

Forza Nerazzuri!

Bluenine said...
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Bluenine said...

Yeah Si, that midfield trio would be awesome!! Regarding Forlan, I think he will be a great back up for Milito and Eto'o... with Inter playing in 3 competitions, I guess all 3 strikers would get enough games even if only 2 can realistically start. These days you need 1 top back up for rotation. But I do agree with you, like I said I would prefer a winger instead (Vargas/Sanchez)... Forlan or Kuyt are perhaps more likely transfers.

On Ranocchia, couldn't agree more -great talent. IMO he is better than Bonucci. Ranocchia will be a great Lucio replacement in a year or two.

Bluenine said...

Are there any likely runmours about Inter's transfer targets that I missed?

Or do you prefer Inter buy someone else (realistically)?

Anonymous said...

Keep Balotelli at all costs

Bluenine said...

Unfortunately that deal is as good as done... Balotelli will join City.