Sep 30, 2010

Will they walk alone?

By Stephen Adams

The current plight faced by Liverpool Football Club...

For every team looking to challenge at the top of the Premier League, there comes a tipping point at which the club either kicks on or falls by the wayside.

Time to Nut Up or Shut Up - The Chronicles of the Wenger Boys

By Gregor Vasconcelos

We often hear about how great Arsenal are. It is basically implanted in everyone’s brains that they play the most attractive football in Europe, alongside Barcelona. It has however been too long since they’ve won anything.

Importance of Fullbacks in the Modern Game

By Lorenzo Scala

If Douglas Maicon is the footballing version of Xerxes, then Marcos Cafu was Darius the Mede before him. The King among fullbacks.

Sep 29, 2010

A Preview to a Kill...

By Bluenine

The Champions League did not throw any big surprises yesterday, but today is another day... Twente visit Spurs, Manchester United to Valencia, Bremen travel to Guiseppe Meazza and Barcelona get a chance to take some revenge at Rubin Kazan...

Flight of the Aquila

By Marcus Cleaver

Despite eventually finishing 11 points safe of the relegation zone, Lazio spent much of last season’s Serie A campaign precariously close to the foot of the table.

The Championship more open than ever

By Simon Glanville

The Championship is widely regarded as an unpredictable and inconsistent division where anyone can beat anyone, but this season seems to be boarding on the ridiculous.

Sep 28, 2010

Shades of Black and White

By Gary Paul

Unlike Manchester United away to Southampton, I long for grey. Furthermore, there is a part of me that longs to see an uneventful game of football.

A Clash of the Titans...

By Bluenine

As Spartak lead 3-0 over Zilina in the closing minutes of the early game at Moscow, we take a quick look at the pick of the day, and what that game could offer...

Premier Shocks: The Weird And The Wonderful

By Scott Rogers

Another weekend passes us by and it was another weekend that should have seen routine outcomes, with the so called bigger sides facing the small fishes in the big premier league pond, however the weekend strangely turned into one that was very different to what we are used to...

Art, culture and beauty. Why it is so refreshing to have Ajax back in the Champions League...

By Richard French

The glory days of Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michels may be long gone, but Ajax Amsterdam have still held onto their traditions and philosophy.

Has David Moyes Taken Everton As Far As He Can?

By Ben Greenwood

Six games, three points and bottom of the League. David Moyes must be feeling the pressure but is his time up at Goodison Park?

Rooney not going to Spain, yet

By Jake Harrison

Wayne Rooney misses Champions League trip through injury.

Sep 27, 2010

Great Expectations

By Rohan Kallicharan

Is the glorious history of Liverpool FC in reality an unnecessary burden?

The change in fortunes of Luis Nani

By James Phillips

In November 2009, Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, aka Manchester United’s Nani looked to be at the end of his Old Trafford career.

West Ham 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur: Bale wasted at full-back

By Jack McInroy II

Earlier this week we learned that derbies are not necessarily a priority for Harry Redknapp. More significant than being the team we hate second most, West Ham were bottom of the league and they turned us over. There’s a long way to go, but its easy to get the feeling we’re using up all our lives early in the season.

A Classic Indicator of Progress: Milan v Juventus

By Lorenzo Scala

At 20:45 CET on October 30th at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza di San Siro Milano, two of Calcio’s most illustrious and historic clubs, A.C. Milan and Juventus F.C., come head to head on Gameweek 9 of the stagione 2010-11 Seria A calendar.

Who cares about adultery? The ‘Football’ press, that’s who!

By Richard French

It is some years now since football has been reported for what it truly is; the most beautiful competitive game human beings have ever created.

Serie A: New Kids on the Block!

By Gautam Sharma

The young revelations of Serie A so far... Five weeks in the new season, here is a list of youngsters to watch out for... these new kids are already starting to impress with their promise:

Sep 26, 2010

4-4-2 & Hypocrisy

By Gary Paul

So here we are again: the media have built it up only to knock it down when the mood and the need to sell newspapers or gain ratings dictates it should be so. Only this time the "it" is not a person.

Hart Of Class?

By Matt Rawlinson

Joe Hart had a fantastic season last year in the Premier League with Birmingham City, in addition he was bestowed with the honour of being voted by his fellow professionals as the best keeper last year in the division.

Strength in Unity, A Red Fight for Survival...

By Rohan Kallicharan

This is not an easy period in which to be a supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

English After Capello?

by Jake Harrison

Fabio Capello's departure as England manager after Euro 2012 will leave room for a fresh, new English manager....

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Sep 23, 2010

The "Mentos" Kid...

By Gautam Sharma

The amusing and amazing success story of Josip Iličić of Palermo...

Sep 21, 2010

Poor Richie Rich... Serie A Players Strike

By Bluenine

While I appreciate that with rich Serie A players it can be difficult to be taken seriously when talking of labour rights, their bold move is quite naive in respect to labour union practices. And how lame is it that they announced the strike before entering proper talks, not after they failed!!

Sep 19, 2010

Palermo vs Inter: Before, During & After....

By Gautam Sharma

A preview & analysis of the line-ups before the game, half-time thoughts, and post game reflections...

Sep 16, 2010

The Sokratis Paradox...

By Bluenine

Bonera - Sokratis - Thiago - Antonini
Zambrotta - Nesta - Bonera - Antonini

Sokratis. No, not the guru of Plato. This Sokratis is no philosopher of Athens, he is a defender of Milan. Yet one of the great Socratis paradoxes seems to be relevant here:

"I know that I know nothing" - Sokratis, something like 400BC

Sep 12, 2010

Crazy matchday, this...

By Bluenine

Neat start to Serie A, nothing predictable about it.... Just goes on to prove the strength in depth of the league. Its the games against the minnows that usually decides the scudetto... thats a theory which always simplifies my analysis.

But so far this season, its only increasing the confusion...