Sep 16, 2010

The Sokratis Paradox...

By Bluenine

Bonera - Sokratis - Thiago - Antonini
Zambrotta - Nesta - Bonera - Antonini

Sokratis. No, not the guru of Plato. This Sokratis is no philosopher of Athens, he is a defender of Milan. Yet one of the great Socratis paradoxes seems to be relevant here:

"I know that I know nothing" - Sokratis, something like 400BC

Ask any Milan fan. Who is their best purchase this summer outside of the "fantastic four" complete by Ibra and Robinho? And more often than not, the answer is Sokratis. The supposed answer to Nesta's injury problems. The future of Milan''s defence.

That seems to be the popular opinion among the rossoneri fans... Now, I do admit that I like Papa, specially at Genoa... he was indeed a regular for my fantasy team... but not coz of his defensive skills! He always was a risky CB, and IMO (looking at the way he plays) he always will be... One hallmark of great CB's (from a defensive point of view) is that you almost feel like the ball is moving in slow motion whenever it comes near them... thats their finesse, down to their natural godgifted talent. Nesta is like that. But with players like Papa, the ball kinda seems to move faster near them.... he may make a good defensive fullback yet, but if you are hoping that he makes a great CB, I fear you will be disappointed...

At the mo, Yepes is Milan's best option if either of Nesta or Thiago gets injured. Clearly, Allegri has a different opinion, as you can infer from Milan last two line-ups posted at the top of this blog post. Ironically, the first of these line ups with Sokratis (and more improtantly, without Nesta) ended in a Greek tragedy! Maybe Allegri needs a lesson in Greek Philosophy....

"I know that I know nothing" - Sokratis, something like 400BC

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