Jan 4, 2011

Anderson to change Selecao's game

By Mohamed Smaili

Anderson is playing well again, started up in the last seven games for the Red Devils, leaders of the Premier League with 41 points. participated in the last 8 matches as he entered against Glasgow Rangers on the 67th minute.

Without counting his goal scored against Valencia, in the Champion's, important passes for goal, like the beginning of Berbatov's first goal against Sunderland.

He is a starter in Manchester United today, which raises questions about the future of the Brazilian National Team.

If he is called-up again, how would he play? As a Second man in the midfield, or as a Linking man, like he used to play in Gremio with Brazilian coach Mano Menezes in 2005?

In none of those two functions, it's what the Selecao coach thinks. "Anderson changed a lot comparing to the one that used to play in Gremio", said the Brazilian coach.

Very true.

Anderson is not anymore a pure midfielder, marking man, not even a play maker able to control the ball with his back to the attack and build the play up.

The coach still never mentioned about calling the Manchester United midfielder up or not. It's still too early since Brazil will play again only in February, but if he is to be called, he is to change Brazil's way of playing compared to the first games of Mano's era.

With Anderson, Brazil would have to act with a trio in the midfield, Lucas Leiva as the first man in the midfield. Ramires taking out from the right as an alternative. Anderson arming from the left.

The rest of the squad could either be with a trequartista and two strikers in a 4-3-1-2 or with three men up front.

If Anderson is to be called up it's a question for February. If he is, Brazil will play differently than how it has been playing with the new coach.

Up till now, Anderson's Manchester United is leading the Premier League with 41 points and is playing well again.


batoul said...

all i can say is this :
he's better than kleberson
he's our midfield magician
to the left
to the right
to the Samba beat tonight
He is class with a brass
And he shits on Fabregas

James Phillips said...

Has this been put through an online translator? Some good points, but doesn't read very well at all!